Think I’m gonna change my approach a bit

It’s been a while since I posted last time.

I guess the primary reason is that I’m actually not very good at blogging.

For me, an attempt to write a quality blog post takes many hours and the result seems to be mediocre anyway.

Besides that, life got better of me last couple of months and all my hobby projects suffered heavy losses in terms of my time and focus.

However, I still feel the urge to do shit and write shit. So what I figured I’m gonna do is I’ll just keep doing my thing and write about it. But this time I think I’ll cast off the pressure to write good, long and informative blog posts.

The problem with such an all-or-nothing mentality is that it usually results in nothing.

To always have something novel and informative to say on the internet, I’d have to stay on top of the bleeding edge of a given technology all the time. I tried to do that with Blazor and previewed versions of .net core and I see how much time it takes. And unfortunately at work, we’re still stuck on .NET Framework.

So whenever I fall out of the loop, having this extra layer of expectations I imposed on myself – that every time I’ll do and write about something new and interesting, just keeps me out of this loop for longer.

Solution? I’m just gonna post a lot more shit content 🙂

Eventually, I may build enough momentum in productivity and blogging skills to grow. And who knows, maybe one day the Pondering Programmer might even ‘git gud’.

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