Off to NDC Oslo – getting ready for tech-talk Netflix

NDC Oslo

Finally, it’s time for NDC Oslo 2019. Weeee!!!

The workshops have actually started today, but I didn’t manage to get those tickets. That sucks because I was keen on getting my hands dirty on Blazor workshop, but nevermind – I am still grateful.

Paying full access as a private person would be expensive as fuck and probably not worth it, to be honest. Coming as an employee, with all expenses covered (Visma as a partner also gets to pay much less for it all) is pure awesomeness. There’s gonna be many cool presentations and I like me some learning and inspiration.

I am actually already quite pleased with how the whole event is organized. Last time I was on Dockercon the presentations were overlapping 5 to 15 minutes with one another and there was rarely a break. I remember having to jump off or come late to the ones I was keen on seeing. Here all presentations are fit into orderly time blocks with a good 20 minutes pause in between. Nice and neat.

So here’s what I plan to see one the first day of NDC.

Plan for Wednesday

9:00 – Keynote: Leadership Guide for the Reluctant Leader. Might be interesting although I am not super interested in leadership after I quit my previous job to join Visma in a purely technical role.

10:20 – Well, here I’m torn between ‘10 years of microservices at – and we still haven’t slain that dragon!‘ and ‘I’m Going To Make You Stop Hating CSS‘. The gradual breakdown of to microservices is what I’m helping out with at the company. It always comforting to hear others are struggling too. However, as I have recently decided to up my frontend chops anything HTML and CSS are personally interesting.

11:40Hidden gems in .NET Core 3. This one’s a no brainer especially because it’s David Fowler presenting. I’m currently playing with the preview release in my project Wordrate, so this is mostly personal interest. At work, most of our services are still packing .NET standard, but it will soon become obsolete, so getting intimate with the core is timely.

13:40Why databases cry at night? Why indeed. Actually not sure about this one. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

15:00 CSS Grid – What is this Magic?! Another choice driven by my current interests and general resolution to get better at frontend development. I am actually secretly plotting behind my own back to lose bootstrap and start laying things out on my own (sinister laugh). Btw, I wonder if they manage to beat this cool grid guide on

16:20 Panel discussion on the future of .NET. Now that’s another treat of a session led by big names such as David Fowler and Scott Allen, both of whom I follow on twitter and blogs. Niiiice!

18:40 C# 8 and Beyond. If a day full of peering into the future of .NET Core and C# won’t turn me into a coding wizard, then I don’t know what will.

To be NDC ontinued…

So, that’s gonna be the first day of NDC Oslo for me. I’ll see if I can find some time to post about my plans for the rest of it, but I expect the first day to be most exciting. I sure hope to bring back a shitload of knowledge and inspiration and might even finally have something to write about.

Imagine that!

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